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Posted by : Glam Shack Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brightens & Illuminates
Prolongs Wear of Eyeshadow
Dual Purpose, Use as a Base & Highlighter

Finally, an eye  primer that works well at a good price. I have tried several inexpensive eye primers that just don't measure up to my Too Faced Shadow insurance. The reveiw that I read for Jordana's eye primer were mixed. Some of the reviews claimed that this product dulled the eye shadow colors and some claimed it creased quickly. I did not experience creasing or dulled eye shadow. This product performed as well as my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I have been testing this product for a week. I have tested it with matte, shimmer and cream eye shadows. It performed well with all the products that I tried it with. I wore this product for 15 hours with no creasing at all. It even remained creaseless when used with NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil.

The only thing that I need to mention is that if you put too much of this product on, it will leave a light colored film on your eye that can be hard to cover. 

For less that $2 I got a primer that performs as well as my $17 dollar primer. I actually paid $1 for this primer at my local dollar store.

Overall, I don't feel that Jordana gets the recognition that it warrants. This is an amazing brand with a ton of good products. Like all products, it does have a few products that don't perform as well as they should. I wear something from Jordana on a daily basis.

Rated: Fabulous

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